Gold and Google

In order to get my gold business started I need to start learning the basic around how Google works. There is no denying that the Internet is a powerful source and can make or break a business. I have spent a long time researching PPC and other techniques but considering the expense of PPC this wouldn’t be an option to begin with, which means that I have to look into SEO in order to increase the strength of my website, produce extra content and hopefully increase my visibility in search engines.

After following the advice from Google in the above video there’s certain things I need to do in order to make my website more SEO friendly.

Make it fast – My research has concluded that site speed is an important factor in terms of SEO. Google does not want to deliver a slow website to users as this is a bad user experience. For this research I started to look at the best WordPress hosting. The research let me to conclude that WP Engine was one of the better hosting companies, judging from this WP Engine review.

Plenty of content – This is good advice from Google in two ways. It shows my audience I know what I’m talking about and it also expands my keyword diversity in Google meaning there’s a higher percentage that someone will find my website in the search engines.

Good related links – Google connected the world’s information by using links. This is still an important part of SEO as the more powerful the website which link to you shows Google that this website is more trust worthy. This is what Google want – a trusted, fast, content rich website to deliver to it’s customers.

After debating with myself about how I can possibly do all of this by myself, I started looking into SEO companies which would help me save my time and at least I would be getting a better service than I would if I did it myself. My research lead me to Chameleon SEO – a SEO company based in New Zealand who I like the look of. Their methods and strategies as discussed on their SEO services make sense to me.

But considering I am just getting started with SEO, I’m more likely to order the basic package and get consultation over time which will mean that it would be cheaper in the long run to learn from someone who has been doing SEO for years.

5 places to learn code online

There’s so much hype lately with learning code online. No doubt this should be taught in schools. With our current culture so dependent on technology the need to understand and innovate this technology further comes from knowing how to code. Learning code will not only help you in the future but at your current job it will also make you more valuable to your employers. I have spent thousands of dollars on freelancing coders to get my websites up to speed. After thinking about this, I could have easily saved this money by learning the code myself for my gold business. With this said, I started researching courses to start learning code online, some free and some paid.

But before we get into that, watch this video about learning to code and why it’s so important, not just for average users like us but for school children.

After a few months of research, here’s my top 5 places to learn code online.


I found out about Team Treehouse from a website via Google search. In my opinion Team Treehouse are the leaders in terms of learning code online. They not only offer the expected code courses, PHP, Ruby, Javascript etc but they are focused on getting their students a job. They update their content regularly and although their prices are some of the most expensive I’ve found, you pay for what you get. They also include courses such as Photoshop and more. Having recently picked up cheap version of Photoshop using a deal on OEM Software it’s a nice way to expand your skill yet and set your design apart from the norm.

Code School

Code School comes in at second place to learn code. Code School costs $25 a month is covers the basis of a wide range of languages from Ruby, Javascript, Coffeescript etc. I noticed that in this Shopify review over here they use Ruby as their main language to build this platform which is inspiring to what the Ruby language can do.  What I like about the Code School is each lesson has a different theme. Their famous Rails for Zombies is a classic and eases the learning curve for newbies. They also a Code TV which gives you 20-30 mins about a particular topic to further your learning.

Code Academy

Code Academy is another popular website with a difference from the previous two. Code Academy is free. Although it offers the basics of a range of languages, I do prefer the personal branding and themes or Treehouse and Code School. But if you’re thinking about learning how to code and don’t wish to spend money in order to see if you like coding then Code Academy will be a great way to start seeing if you like coding.

W3 Schools

W3 Schools is a classic resource for learning web standards. While free this website is text and many newbies might find this overwhelming and confusing. With that said, it stands as a great resource to use while learning to code as you a refer back to your code for refreshing your memory.


Udemy is a great website which you up-skill in whatever task you wish to learn. For the topic of this post we’ll talk about code. Luckily, Udemy offers a huge amount of courses for learning code. These are for a one time fee for each course, although some courses are free it all depends on the topic of the subject. Their courses are very in-depth and can offer a great way to kick start your learning or up-skill on a certain topic.

While there are plenty of online courses to learn code and it seems more and more are springing up ever week. Regardless, after a couple of months of research these are my top choices to start learning code.